Our Terms and Conditions

Confirmation Deposit

  • Upon reservation, it is asked that you deposit 30% of the total renting fee as confirmation. Cleaning fees are due at booking as well. The amount due at booking is available in detail online and may be paid in the following ways:
  • By secure online credit card payment (with BNP Paribas). The form of payment will confirm your reservation immediately
  • By direct bank transfer to SARL BARTELS through Banque BNP PARIBAS. Through this form of payment, your reservation will be held for 48 hours pending payment confirmation. If after 48 hours the transaction is not completed, the reservation will be disregarded and apartment availability is not guaranteed. 
    You will receive an email upon confirmation with an attached invoice.
  • Payment of your stay

    The total payment must be paid in full upon your arrival either in cash (Euros only), credit card (MasterCard, Visa), or bank transfer.

    No keys will be distributed without the payment of your stay in full.


    The rental contract will be signed on your check in day.


    A deposit will be required upon arrival. It prevents the apartment against all damages and theft that may occur during your stay. The deposit also covers any unpaid rent.

    You can check the exact amount of your deposit on our website.

    For stays of more than three months, the deposit is one month's rent.

    Changes at your request

    Changes made about the day of arrival, departure or apartment. If a change occurs more than 15 days before the date of arrival no fee will be charged. These changes are subject to availability.

    What is included in the rent?

    The rate proposed includes all charges and fees related to the apartment including water, gas, electricity, internet, linen, cleaning before arrival, and reception. No supplement will be asked for. However, rates may change depending on the number of people occupying the apartment during a given stay. For example, In some apartments, a fee will be charged per person for each additional night beyond a certain number of people.

    Length of stay

    The number of rental days is a minimum of three nights. The stay may not exceed the number of nights indicated in the initial contract, unless with written consent of BARTELS SARL.

    Arrival/ Departure

    Check in:

    Check in is done at the address of the apartment between 14h and 19:30. When booking we will ask you to indicate your time accurately as one of our agents will meet you at the apartment upon your arrival In case of delay we will ask that you inform us so that we can make proper accommodations.

    Attached to the contract, which is sent by email, will be an itinerary and contact information for the person you should call in case of delay on the day of your arrival. An extra 30 € will be charged if the arrival should be after 7:30 p.m., and an additional € 50 for arrival after 23h. If the apartment is not occupied the night before we offer the possibility to arrive before 14h.

    Check out:

    Checkout is between 8am and 12am. Our representative will meet you at the apartment according to the agreed upon time to recover the keys. In the event that the apartment is not busy the next night we offer the opportunity to stay until 15h. Please contact our services directly to inquire about this arrangement.

    Late checkout:

    If departure from the apartment must be after 15 hours (as late as 19 hours), 25% of the price of the night will be charged. This is provided that the apartment is not rented for that evening. Please contact us with any late check out requests or questions.

    Non-Smoking Policy

    With respect for everyone's health and wellbeing, all of our apartments are non-smoking. We therefore ask you to respect our policy for a better environment. You’ll be charged of 80€ off your deposit if this is not respected.

    Use of Premises

  • The number of people occupying the apartment should never exceed the number of beds available indicated in the data sheet of the leased property. No exceptions will be made. This is to ensure maximum comfort for our guests.
  • Once both parties have signed the lease, the tenant agrees to observe the following rules:

  • The apartment will be occupied for private purposes during his stay; business or tourism. In no case can the property be used for business, craft or profession.
  • The apartment will be occupied by no more than the maximum number of people that the site can host.
  • The tenant and his companions will refrain from any action that may disturb the peace of other residents of the building.
  • The rules of condominiums are applicable to the tenant.
  • In the case that neighbors file a complaint, it is the sole responsibility of the tenant to be involved. We prohibit the use the apartment for festive purposes (evening organization). If this rule is not respected the tenant will be immediately expelled from the apartment and prosecuted.
  • Any intentional or unintentional damage caused by the tenant during his stay will be the responsibility of the tenant. BARTELS SARL cannot be held responsible for damage to water, gas or electricity, theft or damage to personal effects.
  • The tenant is obliged to return the apartment in the state in which he found, including emptying of the trash and cleaning of the dishes. In the case that the apartment is not left as if was originally, additional cleaning fees will be charges off your deposit.